The 2016 State of Metropolitan Housing Report (SMHR) is now available online, here on MHC’s website.  The report examines nine housing indicators that MHC tracks to assess annual progress on fair housing and affordable housing opportunities in the 13-county Louisville metropolitan area, which includes five counties in southern Indiana.

2016 SMHR Cover

The focus topic of the 2016 State of Metropolitan Housing Report is: “Housing for People Living with Disabilities and our Aging Population.” Our population is aging. We have known for decades that as the “Baby Boomer” generation ages, that group would contribute to an enormous increase in the numbers and proportion of those who are 65 years and older — a figure that currently stands at about 14 percent in the United States. Seniors’ ability to find affordable housing across the U.S. is an increasing challenge. The number of those paying more than half of their household income on housing increased by 34 percent from 2005 to 2014 (Make Room 2016). Providing services to and benefiting from what this age group has to offer are issues all communities are beginning to address in some fashion. Furthermore, as we age, the potential for experiencing long-term disability increases. Attention to the intersection of age and disability is therefore crucial to examining access to fair, safe, and affordable housing.

Click here for a link to the report in PDF: 2016 State of Metropolitan Housing Report

You can access all of MHC’s reports by going to MHC Reports under the Resources section or click here.

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