Everybody should have the opportunity to choose where they live

Louisville’s lack of attainable housing affects all walks of life, from seniors to new college grads, from teachers to firefighters, from service workers to essential workers. Without zoning changes, this issue will go unresolved. 


Louisville has welcomed more than 40,000 people and added more than 80,000 private sector jobs over the last decade, a 16.2% increase. However, current land development codes do not support these increased numbers and have been minimally changed since 1931. 


Looking to the future, fair and attainable housing is essential to attract business, support a thriving workforce, and boost the local economy. 

Louisville’s Current

State of Housing

Learn How

Attainable Housing

Benefits Our Community.



  • Decrease residential segregation and increase housing choice in all parts of the city.
  • Increase the production of attainable housing.
  • Increase the production of diverse housing types to meet the needs of a diverse and growing population.

View the full list of Land Development Code Reform recommendations here.

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