MHC strengthens, unites, and mobilizes private and public resources to provide fair, accessible and affordable housing for everyone in our Louisville community.

Who We Are.

Formed in 1989, MHC is a coalition of approximately 300 individual and organizational members—including non-profit housing developers, financial institutions, service providers, and neighborhood and advocacy groups. Together we facilitate research-based advocacy for fair, accessible, and affordable housing in the Louisville MSA.

Meet the team shining a light on inequity and opportunity in Louisville

Executive Director

Tony Curtis Meet Tony

Assistant Director

Gentille Ntakarutimana Meet Gentille

Housing and Energy Affordability Program Coordinator

Sarah Pierce Meet Sarah

MHC wishes to thank our past Executive Directors for their valued leadership. Suzy Post (1989-2002), Jane Walsh (2002-2005), Cathy Hinko (2005-2020), and Cathy Kuhn (2020-2021).

What We
Aim To Do.


Using Census Bureau information and all available housing data resources, MHC produces reliable information about fair housing and affordable housing topics. MHC produces an annual State of Metropolitan Housing Report on measures of fair and affordable housing and an in-depth focus topic analysis. We use this data and gather information on best practices to make policy changes and identify new funding mechanisms for fair housing and affordable housing.



  • MHC educates the public and policymakers using the data, policy analysis, and recommendations of the annual State of Metropolitan Housing Report.

  • MHC produces forums on relevant housing topics that are free and open to the public.

  • MHC creates digital resources on a variety of housing issues.

  • MHC facilitates ongoing monthly discussions through the Fair Housing Coalition and the Louisville Vacant Property Campaign.

  • MHC intervenes in cases involving utility rates and specific zoning issues.

  • MHC analyzes the policy documents released by public departments, submits comments, and creates opportunities for the public to comment on policies.

MHC plays a critical role in creating affordable housing resources for the Louisville community, including our partners:

MHC also facilitates a loan pool for non-profit developers to benefit low-income residents

Thankful for a board full of leaders who care about their community

Marilyn Harris

MHC Board Chair, Develop Louisville

Johnny Gibson

MHC Board Vice Chair, REBOUND, Inc.

Becky Roehrig

MHC Board Treasurer, River City Housing

Donnie Adkins

Adkins & Adkins LLC

Mikal Forbush

Center for Neighborhoods

Gabriell Gassaway

UofL Health Equity Innovation Hub

Sarah Graves

Graves Strategic Partners

Adam Hall

Fifth Third Bank

Rebecca Hollenbach


Mandy Marler

Bart Baldwin Consulting

Brandon McReynolds

Metro United Way

Felicia Nu'Man

Louisville Urban League

Alejandro Pousa

Republic Bank

Dr. Brandy Kelly Pryor

BKP Strategies

Johnetta Roberts

40&1 Company

Chanca "Toni" Sears

Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission

Curtis Stauffer

Kentucky Housing Corporation

Ramona Vasta

LDG Development

Clare Rutz Wallace

South Louisville Community Ministries

Faith Weekly

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louisville, Louisville Branch

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