MHC’s work on Louisville Metro’s 20-year plan for fair housing mentioned in great article from HUD’s Evidence Matters:

“Localities such as Louisville, Kentucky have taken the initiative in assessing how municipal planning can further fair housing and reduce segregation. Building off of a thorough 2010 AI, the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission developed “Making Louisville Home for Us All: A 20-Year Action Plan for Fair Housing.” Prepared by the University of Louisville Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research and the Metropolitan Housing Coalition with funding from HUD, the plan outlines short-, medium-, and long-term actions to promote fair housing ranging from community education and engagement to steps to increase the supply of affordable housing. The plan infuses the policies and practices of the Louisville metropolitan area’s many government departments and agencies with a focus on affirmatively furthering fair housing.74 Such proactive efforts to reduce segregation through local planning processes such as residential and transportation development coupled with antidiscrimination enforcement hold the promise of creating true fair housing choice.”

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