It’s that time of year again! Here is MHC’s legislative agenda for the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly session. The Coalition creates an agenda based on member feedback and the work of our Education and Advocacy Committee. Membership on the committee is open to the public. All proposed legislative agenda items must be approved by MHC’s Education and Advocacy Committee and the MHC Board of Directors. For more information about serving on an MHC committee a legislative agenda item, contact MHC at (502) 584-6858 or email

 State issues:

  • Repeal of escheat law for non-citizens who own land
  • Land Bank reform:  We are waiting to see the legislation, but MHC supports updating the state legislation allowing for local land bank authorities.
  • Support a reduction in the 10 year period that someone with a lien has to initiate a foreclosure.  We want it reduced to about 5 years (negotiable).
  • Support any legislation that allows local government to purchase its own property tax liens before private purchases.
  • Energy:  support state legislation on energy that has a funding source to pay for energy efficient improvements for units occupied by low-income households.
  • Personal income tax reform:  support reform that helps low-income households.
  • Bridge toll credit:  support legislation that allows low-income persons to get a tax credit to offset paying tolls on the new bridge, especially to get to work, school or frequent use.
  • Support Fairness for housing for all persons in the whole state.
  • Support Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act throughout state
  • Support passage of LIFT
  • Support passage of payday lending reform legislation

Local level issues:

  • Land Development Code reform:  Support the recommendations of the Fair and Affordable Housing Sub-committee of the Land Development Code review to encourage affordable housing and to permit fair housing in allowing multi-family in the over 70% of land zoned single family.
  • Support local government passing funding for the LAHTF
  • Support local government buying its own property tax liens instead of selling to private speculators.
  • Support using a Fair Housing Assessment for all government departments in deciding how to use resources.
  • Support local government becoming an Intervenor in rate cases brought by LG&E before the Public Service Commission.





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