Come out to a Metro Council subcommittee meetings on proposed changes to Louisville’s zoning laws that, if approved by the subcommittee and later the full council, would significantly advance fair and affordable housing in our community.

We need YOU to attend the meeting of the Metro Council Ad Hoc Committee on the Land Development Code on Monday, June 22nd. The meeting will start at 3pm in Metro Council chambers at 601 W. Jefferson St.

After a two year long public process, these recommendations are now before council. The committee will likely vote on these recommendations at one of these meetings. Whatever they approve of the recommendations, some or all, will then go the full Metro Council for a vote.

Passage of these changes is considered critical to Metro Government’s 20-year plan to end housing segregation and advance fair housing choice. Your visible support at these meetings could make the difference.

Can’t make the meeting?
Contact the members of the Land Development Code Ad Hoc Committee: Peden – 23 (Chair), Ackerson (Vice Chair) – 26, Bryant Hamilton – 5, Magre – 10, and Stuckel – 17.
Also call YOUR Metro Council representative and tell them you support the proposed fair and affordable housing changes to the
Land Development Code: (502) 574-1100
Don’t know your council representative? Call the number above and Metro staff can help connect you.

Here are some backgrounder documents on the proposed changes:

Description of Fair and Affordable Housing recommendations

Fair and Affordable Housing Sub-committee Report to LDC Main Cmte

For more information, contact MHC at (502) 584-6858 or


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